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the Shorts are a shortened version of Pants. It is a Type of Clothing that does not cover the entire Length of the Leg. Men and Women, to cover the upper Part of the Legs and other Cuts of Clothing that extends below the Knee.

The Shorts are the Type of Clothes that are easy to wear and comfortable to use. It may, as a combination inner. Discussed below is the History of shorts, this will give You enough Information on how classic shorts transcends to today’s high-fashion shorts.

Shorts originated from Europe and the United States, during the 19th Century, Young people used to wear shorts before they attain Their Maturity, old Age. The shorts serve as Their main Clothes during Young Age, but if You have reached Puberty Age, You will receive Your first pair of Pants. In this Century, Men avoid wearing shorts due to the Fact, They were Afraid to look immature.

Women, during the first Years are not allowed in shorts. It serves as a Taboo in most Cultures and Nations. In some Cultures, wearing short Dresses were not, because the social Norms, those that You Follow.

The knee Pants are the early Type of short Pants During the Year in the 1890s. American boys with Collaboration of short wear Stockings more often this Type of shorts. In addition, during the Year 1900, american Guys started to wear the Knickerbocker. In addition, while this Year, more Europeans wore short Trousers. In addition, during 1930s, Men and Women wear outdoor shorts for fitness and sport Purposes, but it is still a Taboo in shorts to use outside of these Activities.

The Men wore shorts during world War ii. However, even if shorts are mainly worn by most young people, of Young Men during this period of Time, shorts, especially in Summer, the Weather conditions. Several Decades have passed before the Idealism on wearing shorts missed. At the end of the 20th Century, more and more, the Men wore shorts in the Summer.

Today, different People, different at each Age, wearing shorts. Women can wear shorts, without thinking that it is a Taboo subject in Their Culture. In addition, You need to know about it, the Tips of a pair of shorts if You want to use this Clothing properly.


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30 thoughts on “NIKE PRO SHORTS REVIEW

  1. ugh i bought these in a size medium and i’m a little thick and have a little belly and they kind of are really small for me. definitely wished i bought this in a large. but they’re super comfortable still and that is what matters for me

  2. Do you wear an underwear under it because i have one but you can see the shape and it is ugly when i do wear one under it

  3. Your legs have nice muscle tone. The hard work in the gym is paying off👍🏼👏🏼
    Those shorts are great even for leg day… well maybe on you Lol but you make everything look great❤️

  4. I just bought the ones in black and I wanted to make sure I picked the right shorts so this video helped me a lot! ❤️

  5. Believe it or not, your shorts are too long according to FIVB regulations. The FIVB (Federation Internationale de Volley Ball) specifies that for international competition, the inseam for women’s volleyball shorts shall not exceed 5cm (2 inches) in length. Two inches is the maximum length allowed. And here, you thought it was sexy. Americans are so prudish, LOL….

  6. These are actually some of my favorite shorts that I own. So comfy and make my butt looks great in them. Tfs 😘😘😘

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