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Nike Free RN 2016 Sneakers Black Anthracite Unboxing MUST SEE


What is the technology Nike Free?

Nike has the Concept of Freedom in 2005 as a Way of combining the Principles and Advantages of barefoot running to Strengthen the Feet and Legs with the Protection and Traction of a training shoe – in a Package that is lightweight.

With the Increase of the Frequency of the Trainers and Podiatrists are suggesting Runners to barefoot running, among Its market plan n’. The Logic behind this is that the Use of a collar and support in modern running Shoes, our Feet are still lazy. We do not use the Muscles in the Foot very efficiently because the Shoes do it for us. They correct our Errors and even when we place our Foot the wrong Manner or with too much Intensity – You take the Shot on our behalf.

Experts say that while running barefoot You are forced, of course, improve Your running Gait and and the same Time strengthen Foot and Legs Muscles.

Not everyone has the Luxury of a bare Foot training Environment like a pristine Beach or a soft, lawn and experience the Benefits of Training barefoot. Running on Concrete is not what our Legs and Foot were designed to help you, we need the Protection of a Shoe (we cannot see how Landing with Your body Weight on a Rock can improve Your running at all).

How it works?

there’s a Depth, sex, carves (sipes) formed along the Length and Width of the average of the Sole, and these are what creates the barefoot Feeling: You don’t have a Piece of Foam to flex anymore, but almost independent “Blocks”, the Adaptation to Your Feet, while it is moved, in the course of the running gait.

The Flexibility index of a Nike Free 3.0, 5.0 etc.) does not simply refer to the sole Unit, but also on the Upper part, which for the same ration between Support and Freedom as the Mid Sole.

to Read the rest of our Nike Free 5.0 review on our website, where You will also find a video from Nike explaining the engineering behind the Shoe.


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10 thoughts on “Nike Free RN 2016 Sneakers Black Anthracite Unboxing MUST SEE

  1. Do you still have your old product review videos saved with you? If so, please can you upload them to your current YouTube channel. Much appreciated! 😉

  2. There’s another version of these that have elastic around the ankle and with pull lockable laces so you don’t have to tie them and it stays snug always. They were 20$ more but worth it and yes they are great shoes! Best nikes I’ve worn.

  3. Ok I’m new to the whole reflective thing but bought these for my husband for Christmas 17. How do I make the reflective show up when he gets them?

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